What is an elopement wedding and why are they the future

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Welcome 2021! Is the future for the daring? Or rather, are elopement or destination weddings for those who decide to continue with their lives (within the legal possibilities)? It is true that we are living a unique moment in our short life history, not in that of humanity. But we can’t deny the evidence that concerns us, because we are already part of that event, and we will be known as that generation that lived a pandemic back in the year 20.

During these months it is undeniable that we have all gone through very diverse and complex emotional moments. Some positive, others negative. Pessimism and lack of desire and illusion. But no one is able to say that this has been – nor will be – easy. However, the attitude with which we face reality is fundamental, dear friends.

For all those 2020 couples who had their wedding planned and who have been left in a paradoxical limbo, this is for you today. Because for wedding planners like us, seeing you like this, with zero emotion and desire, WE DO NOT LIKE ANYTHING! So open your eyes and read carefully, there is a solution to your fears. And it’s called wedding ELOPEMENT or DESTINATION WEDDING. And they are considered, the “weddings of the future”.

Imagen Wolves Workshop Fuerteventura – The Ferros

Imagen Wolves Workshop Fuerteventura – The Ferros

What is an elopement? What does a destination wedding consist of? How to organize it? Or why choose it? Today in our new POST we will talk about how to organize both weddings, or rather, the weddings of the future, those in which the number of guests has been reduced considerably, even to the point of marrying just the two of you. Can you imagine?

For those who do not know what these two styles of weddings are about, we put you in the background. Both options have been created for couples who have very few guests, or who have made that decision. Mass weddings have taken a back seat, but not that we say so, the law says so.

Elopement means elopement and comes from a long history of the Middle Ages, where the bride and groom would elope to be married to the person they loved and which their family, in some way, did not approve of. Well, it’s as true as life itself. What no one can imagine is that in the middle of 2021 (and for some years now) we are talking about a whole trend (or rather, a #bridalmust ) in the world of weddings. Two people who have made the decision to get married, somewhere in the world, just the two of them, a photographer and a master of ceremonies who will guide them.

What about a “Destination Wedding”? Well, those in which you gather only your indispensable ones, those who should not be missing in your day and without exceeding 50/60 guests. You take the bull by the horns and decide to take them anywhere in the world where the exotic, unique and special, are their strengths.  – Warning: your guests will hallucinate-.

Imagen Wolves Workshop Fuerteventura – James Frost

Imagen Wolves Workshop Fuerteventura – James Frost

Imagen Wolves Workshop Fuerteventura – James Frost

6 steps to take into account:


The most ideal thing to do in a case like this is to open Google maps, close your eyes and choose your destination. But if we put our feet on the ground, keeping in mind that the situation is what it is, choosing the right destination is fundamental.

Think of something close, that takes you out of your area but doesn’t make you travel halfway around the world (at least for a while). For example, Canarias Destination wedding (Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Tenerife…) are islands that are currently experiencing a boom in this type of wedding and that many Europeans take as a reference to get married. Had you thought about it? Take advantage of the proximity as a point of favor.


NEVER start organizing your wedding, elopement or destination wedding without first setting your budget limit. It is essential to organize all the needs and activities with an estimate of what we want to spend on each item. Accommodation, catering, photography, decoration, activities. The aim is to reduce unnecessary costs and focus on the important details and experiences.

Number of guests

Do you think this is really easy? You can’t imagine how complicated it is to select those most important guests without leaving anyone behind. This is where those little doubts about whether I’m doing right or not start. But zero stress, your loved ones, family and friends will understand that this is not the time to create mass weddings. And the key is to choose.

Accommodation and activities

It is here where the preferences of each one mark the rhythm of this section. From where we want to stay and how. The services we want them to offer. Or the activities we want to carry out in the company of our guests. Surfing, sea or mountain excursions, beach, even an endless number of actions that as destination wedding planners we would love to organize together with you.


The work of finding and coordinating providers is an arduous task if we want quality service. Knowing how to select the most suitable, according to tastes and preferences. Coordinating with them hours and needs is a task that we can surely take care of to make your local experience much easier. And remember, if you make it small, enjoy it twice as much and don’t worry about all these details.


Celebrating small doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be nice. No matter how small, the aesthetics of your day are fundamental. Knowing how to select the props, the flowers, the color range, the style. Everything matters, and without a doubt, as wedding designers we want your day to become something very special and according to you. Do you dare to create your wedding experience with us?

Imagen Jupiter Loves Marte

Imagen Jupiter Loves Marte

Imagen Pablo Béglez

Imagen Pablo Béglez / Decoración Nubeddos

Imagen Pablo Béglez / Decoración Nubeddos

Imagen Jupiter Loves Marte / Decoración Nubeddos

Imagen Jupiter Loves Marte / Decoración Nubeddos

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