S&J’s wedding on Fuerteventura

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2022 has officially kicked off, and we’ve been looking forward to this moment! We left behind weeks of Christmas activities, shopping, and family dinners, to enter into what will be a new year full of work (or at least, it seems so).

And although lately we haven’t been able to spend much time here, in these months before starting the season again, we want to take the opportunity to update all those weddings that 2021 brought us. Are you ready?

Last September, S&J celebrated their wedding in Fuerteventura. And like many of you, they also had to postpone it after the ill-fated 2020 that we lived. But don’t worry, the wait had its great reward. And in 2021, they had for them a beautiful and fun wedding.

If we had to start with something specific from this wedding, it would be for them. Our favourite part without a doubt of this incredible wedding we organised. Yes my dears, weddings are back, and they have done it in a big way.

With them we have understood that kindness, respect, affection and trust towards our work, is essential to achieve things like this. And although it is not something unusual, with them we have understood (or rather, understood) that our work as wedding planners is pure passion, -and the good kind-.

We met them two years ago. Before all this chaos that we have entered into. And I think, or at least this is our perception, that the feeling we felt with this couple was mutual.

For the occasion, our dear S. opted for a bespoke design by Victoria Salas, a designer from Almeria. Minimalist inspiration, jewel waistcoat and kimono for the party. And he, our dear J, opted for a classic navy blue morning suit. A perfect and elegant choice.

The decorative development of this wedding was one of those that we were crazy to see live. We really wanted to see how every detail we designed as wedding designers materialized. We have to admit that this moment, when everything ends up fitting together like a puzzle, is our favourite moment.

The priority on this occasion, the black and white vichy, the pastel pink and burgundy tones, and the lighting made up of light bulbs and wicker lamps. The floral decoration that we designed and put together allowed us to play with the colours on the table. Something that we transported to every corner, from the stations to the Moet champagne stand and the seating plan.

And now, the best thing is that you can check this beautiful wedding through the photos of the wonderful guys from Jupiter Loves Marte.

Always with love,


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