Sahra, love in the desert of Fuerteventura

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Publisher

Those that reflect the sighs of the soul.

Those that shrink the heart, and release beats in an impulsive way.

The faithful reflection of you and me.

The most arid and desert lands. Along with the setting sun of mid-afternoon. The crazy and fine wind of the northeast. The delicate and penetrating sighs of love. And the daring smiles. Such is Sahra, love in the desert.

This is the dream of any couple who loves nature. Who seeks and finds beauty in the unknown. Who breathes and feels for it. Who screams and loves with it. Who lives and listens.

Sahra has been a little dream, our dream, in Fuerteventura (the land where we were born). We have thrown a coin in the air, looking for that which they call coincidences, and it fell here. Where the feeling of nothingness, is everything.

For years, the island’s landscape connection with the desert, has been a reason to choose it and become a set for international films. Natural settings for films in the Canary Islands. Something that fills us up, but we still lack something. What about weddings? What about love?

That’s why we designed this styled shoot inspired by the Arab world. In all those weddings and elopement that are made in Morocco, and that have always been a dream of colors for our senses.

As wedding designers, the first thing we did was to imbue ourselves with the Arab style. Of their colors. Of its aromas. Of all those materials that transport and make you feel. We were looking for something elegant, but at the same time unkempt. We mixed traditional elements such as leather or wool fabrics, with metallic elements, clay, or colored glass.

We don’t want to reveal anything else, the best thing is for you to discover it. This is Sahra…


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