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by | Nov 11, 2020 | Wedding planner

Four years ago we took flight. Four years ago our dreams began to come true and our desire to dedicate ourselves to the world of weddings and events became a reality. Four years that we bet to live from what we believed our new life. A hard life full of work, but at the same time rewarding and full of incredible people that we have put in our lives.

When we started to create Nubed2 (we left our first post here where we explained everything) we did it with many fears. A lot of uncertainty. But at the same time with a lot of conviction and strength. It was clear to us that this was our new path.

After these years of hard work the moment has come. The moment of change. To take one more step in our work. To materialize our professionalization. Of our professional maturation. Of our growth.

We have always been aware that the sector to which we dedicate ourselves -the creative one- must be prepared for changes. As wedding planners and wedding designers, we have decided to take risks and bet on the new. Without fear. And without doubt, this is a breath of fresh and pure air for our brand, NubeDDOS. A brand that remains the same, but much more mature and prepared.

This is our little gift. Our way of thanking all those couples who have had a difficult year, and to whom we have asked for patience, trust and time. It is our way of showing them that we are here and we will continue to be here. For all those weddings and projects, which we are sure will come up again. That they will shine again. It is our way of thanking. For the confidence placed in us. For the affection. For the respect. For the love.

And also for all those people who are on the other side of our blog and our social networks. For supporting, loving and understanding our work and effort. THANK YOU!

Nobody said this was easy. Nor did they tell us that 2020 was going to be so complicated for everyone. But if there is one thing we are clear about, it is that life, in the face of adversity, must be grasped with strength. With courage. With courage. And we are in it. Or at least trying to.

Today more than ever, we are NubeDDOS

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