E&G’s romantic wedding in Fuerteventura

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The year continued, and weddings continued to set the pace for our 2021. – We have to admit that it was a real blast to enjoy our work so much – and we can’t wait to start fulfilling the dreams of all our 2022 couples. We are on the doorstep to start fulfilling the dreams of all our 2022 couples, and we can’t wait! We are already prepared because this is coming very STRONGLY!

But let’s get down to business, today it’s the turn of E&G, a lovely couple who put all their love, affection and trust in us. Their wedding, romantic and travelling in equal parts, came to us when they still only had the space, an idea and a lot (a lot) of desire to enjoy. And we love that.

September. The month of weddings par excellence. Afternoon/evening. Open gardens. Beautiful sea views. And a select group, for them, your guests. These have been the main tips from which they started. AHH, and I forgot, the world of travel and touches of romantic style should also be present.

Their travels around the world made them think that this could be a good theme for them. Maps, globes, old suitcases, the world of travels, meant for them the rhythm that the aesthetics of the wedding would take. That, to which was added a romantic and delicate touch with pink tones and wild flowers.

Designing the decoration for this wedding, so full of flowers and details, was a dream. Especially to think that these flowers were worked one by one by us as wedding designers. Creating such unique and special atmospheres. From a ceremony in the garden, to a dinner under an umbrella of light bulbs and wicker lamps, those that inspired (or rather reminded us) of a Balinese palapa. What more could you ask for?

Of them, the bride and groom, we would have little space to describe how wonderful they have been as clients. Loving, attentive, delicate, and involved. But above all, they let us work. They let us create. They trusted. And they let themselves go. From here, we can only wish them the best in this new stage full of happiness.

Always with love,


Photos by Votos Photography

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