Don’t give up your honeymoon during Covid in Spain

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Not giving up your honeymoon in times where the Covid has ruined the desire and illusion of many couples, can become a rather complicated task. But dear brides and grooms, IT IS NOT LIKE THAT!

We already said last week with our last post – What is an Elopement wedding and why they are the future – that weddings had a solution. Now, what alternatives do we have for a proper Honeymoon? Do they have a solution?

Well, dear brides and grooms, your honeymoon is possible. And that is why today we are going to show you 11 destinations (or rather, 11 charming hotels), without leaving Spain, so that you can disconnect for a few days after all the stress of organising and living one of the most important days in your life as a couple.

Many of you think that a honeymoon is not the same if you do not put many kilometres in between, but you are wrong, now the top thing is to travel around your own country and enjoy those little things that have elevated our land to the top as a tourist destination. Gastronomy, culture, disconnection, sport… read on!

Here is our selection of hotels that we have loved and that can be the perfect plan for your honeymoon…

Vivood Lanscape (Valencia)

Considering escape as luxury, this hotel is at the top of our list. Combining sustainability, nature and architecture. It is the first landscape hotel in Spain, and its creator, Daniel Mayo Pardo, has managed to play with the best elements that nature itself gives us.

“Sustainable, respectful and integrated into the environment and based on perceptive luxury”, this is how they wanted to create Vivood Lanscape Hotels.


Sants Metges (Girona)

This hotel, Sants Metges, located in La Fortalesa – Girona- , is a perfect blend of three of our main virtues as a tourist destination country. Culture, architecture and gastronomy.

On the culinary side, Atempo, run by Jordi Cruz, can be a safe bet for a first-class gastronomic weekend. And why not, it can even become a place to celebrate your wedding. * Advice from wedding planner.

Imagen Sants Metges – Girona

Hotel Casa Cacao (Girona)

We won’t go very far to discover our third space, Casa Cacao (the name alone sounds super appetising). For cocoa lovers, this is the ideal place.

Run by El Celler de Can Roca, and with an exquisite and delicate taste for interior design and gastronomy (which we don’t doubt). This small space could be the key to enjoying that combination that they have called, “it’s Girona, it’s disconnection, it’s gastronomy and it’s chocolate”. Shall we sign up?

Imagen Hotel Casa Cacao

Cool Rooms Atocha (Madrid)

Cool Rooms Atocha, located in the well-known Barrio de Las Letras in Madrid, keeps one of its best charms in the history that precedes it. A palace house dating from 1895, transformed into a luxury hotel.

At its feet, culture and innovation. Surrounded by one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the city. And behind a portentous 7-metre high façade where carriages of the time used to pass through. And to walk through its corridors to its secret garden. Is that enough to win you over?

Imagen Cool Rooms Atocha

Hotel Petunia (Ibiza)

Is Ibiza a destination for your getaway? We have the hotel that is sure to conquer all your senses, if you are looking for nature, distance from the crowds and views of Es Vedra, and it’s called Hotel Petunia.

Travelling to Ibiza (and specifically to this hotel) is like entering an era where the hippie chic movement makes more sense than anywhere else in the country. Escapes to the beach, wellness, chill out areas, pop up boutiques: what could be more appetising for those summer months?

Imagen Petunia – Ibiza

Casa Telmo (Menorca)

And we are staying very close again, without leaving the Balearic Islands. But this time we are going to Menorca. It is a small, discreet and elegant island. Where exquisiteness comes from the hand of a couple of interior designers who have given their name to a fantasy called Casa Telmo.

Only five rooms are enough to create what they were looking for, to represent in each one of them different moments (and trips) of their life. To which is added a personal and close treatment with their guests. On this occasion, quality goes hand in hand with the love they have put into each design. The decoration is the main source of personality and luxury.

Imagen Casa Telmo

Miluna Rooms (Toledo)

Unity is always strength, and if not, just tell it to these three friends after creating this project that they had dreamed of so much and to which they have put, in addition to their love, all their philosophy of life, Miluna Rooms. And to which they have entitled, “Intima intemperie, the contrast between the most intimate and the wildest”.

“Lovers of nature and outdoor activities, we wanted to do something different, something that we would like to share, something that would make us disconnect from the stress of the city and at the same time could fill us with vitality with different activities”, this is how they define this project. Intimacy under the open sky is their maxim.

Imagen Miluna

Nomad Collection (Jávea)

Understanding life as a nomad must not be easy, but it can be very rewarding. And even more so if the result ends up being something as beautiful as creating your own project, to which you contribute many parts of yourself, of your history. And that is what this couple has done with Nomad Collection in Jávea.

Every corner of this hotel, with a capacity for only 40 guests and its own restaurant, is designed and inspired by travel. Designed with authenticity and craftsmanship in mind. Simplicity and naturalness. Something so simple but so delicate to understand and convey.


Xuq Group (La Mancha)

From pre-existing elements, sometimes real jewels emerge, this is how XUQ Group starts defining this project conceptualised as a cave house.

In a privileged environment. A new rural tourism, of quality and according to the demands of a client more and more conscious of what he wants. This may be, perhaps, a unique and different experience, inside a cave and among antiques that have been brought back to life.

Imagen XUQ Hhotel

Alava Suites (Lanzarote)

We could not finish this small list of charming hotels without taking the leap to the Canary Islands (our land). And if we had to choose a discreet, elegant and sustainable accommodation, this would be the Alava Suites. A small hotel in Costa Teguise – Lanzarote-, where quality and treatment are its best letter of introduction.

It is the island of fire and of César Manrique. Art and traditional architecture have given value to what Lanzarote is today. In this accommodation you can enjoy a zero km product during breakfast or brunch. The quality and the demands of its owner, María Álava, always come first. She has put all her love and dedication into a personal project, which today brings her many joys and kind words from her guests.

Imagen Alava Suites – Lanzarote

As if these destinations were not enough, we have two opinions/advice to give you. The first is that you should always put yourself in the hands of professionals, agencies or specialised agents who will take care of managing your trip in the best way possible. And even more so now, when a good insurance, good planning and a plan B should be basic to start your honeymoon.

And the second is that you take this as a break. A break. And that you think that this will not last a lifetime. Your (foreign) honeymoon can wait a bit longer and do it in a few years when all this gets better and remains a bad memory.



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