Clandestine – ode to freedom

by | Mar 4, 2021 | Wedding planner

Walk that red line between the forbidden and the daring. The sexy and elegant. The cañero and without shame.

It is an ode to freedom in times of pandemic. A liberation and exaltation of love.

A few months ago, with this spending so much time at home, we started to think about that editorial, something different for us. To take us out of that comfort zone that terrifies us so much as designers. And without waiting for it, this idea appeared.

It is an inspiration session that walks (or flows) between a modern Cinderella, to which the curfew marks the hours of the clock. And those saraos where the spotlights, neons and smoke machines ordinary something so simple, in something so BRUTAL!

A world without schedules. The one we all long for. World of party and adrenaline. Of love and passion. Sexy. Exuberant. And gulf. Is it us or do we already need a bit of revelry?

Clandestine is an ode to freedom. To love. To exaggeration. Clandestine is understanding life (and weddings) from a different point of view. Leaving behind those sweet, delicate stories. Understanding, love, from any position, without the need to repress it, letting it fly and feel.

Organizing this session has been brutal. We have thoroughly enjoyed the process from creation to organization. But even more so the filming during those days that the team was on the island for the recording. Putting together a team of professionals with whom you feel comfortable and motivated to work is essential. And in that session we have succeeded.


Fotografía Donmashelen | Video SuperweddingsFilm | Vestido novia Pronovias |  Traje novio Roes |  Modelos Paula & Elliot | Peluquería Las Tijeras de Tania |  Maquillaje Pilar López | Materiales Cosas de Maruja; Kokabura Ftv |  Iluminación Audioluz Canarias |  Neon The Filaments Light | Catering Volcano Restaurante | Repostería Sol Vega |  Papelería Papaya Estudio |  Idea, styling, flores y coordinación Nubeddos

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